About Us

Bharat Vikas Parishad was founded in 1996 in order to provide quality education – A place where the student’s needs are the center of the education Philosophy, where excellence is stressed by providing individual attention and overall social development.

There are may facilities in our school like for class prep- we arranged modern technique of teaching like we teach with the help of games toys, chart .papers and learning materials.

For the junior classes we arrange some activity classes for given him the knowledge of current and modern education.For the senior classes we arrange business news paper , G.K base magazine, educational trip for gain new knowledge and experiences about the professional field.

Our School BHARAT VIKAS PARISHAD KANYA UCHA MADHYAMIK VIDYALAYA took step for girls education and this college always doing its best performances for the girls education.Girls education is the base of our society because if a girl is educated in the family that case she share all the responsibilities and duties.

Our community's development is not complete without the girl’s education. Sufficient space has also been allocated for pursuing the various Co- curricular and club activities. The music and art rooms are well provided and are regularly upgraded. Sport from an important part of the daily routine of students in school.